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WARNING. This site contains sexually oriented adult couples sex material intended for individuals 18 years of age or older. If you are under 18, if adult material offends you, or if you are accessing this site from any country where adult material is prohibited by law, PLEASE LEAVE NOW! If you understand and accept these terms, you may continue on for some hot couples sex.

Two Hot is turning up the heat for two! Although this site definitely is not ONLY for couples sex it is a great place for erotic couples to explore sexuality together.
Sex: we all do it (or want to do it), so why not talk about, look at it and get into it. At Two Hot we provide a range of articles, resources, picture galleries and links that are all about couples sex and relationships.
UPDATE: We are changing the layout and content of much of Two Hot. There will be three sections of premium site reviews and free sex sites, one for sites that appeal to couples together, another for women and one for the guys.

My latest fantastic find is Party Hardcore, a porn site that will appeal to couples! Party Hardcore has one of the most unique collections of content I have seen! It is reality, group sex, cfnm, amateur, blowjobs, strippers and girl on girl action all rolled into one! This is real parties that they hold for horny women to get dirty! No acting, just plain fucking debauchery! Drunk girls that cannot keep their hands, mouths and pussies away from the strippers. Lol your only worry is that you may see your wife, girlfriend, or neighbour here! Or that your spouse might become addicted to watching the movies too. Check out my full review here go take a peek at the free tour!


9/3/06- Nude Gym Cam is site where sporty girls get naked. At the moment it has an awesome listing of free sites about naked womens wrestling!

3/03/06- A favorite site of ours that I just have to share is XXX Proposal. Check out my swingers reality review here!

7/02/06- I spent the day looking around a site called Party Hardcore, wow thank goodness for USB powered sex toys ;) Check out my cfnm review here!

6/02/06- The site is under going a few changes in the next month as outlaid above.

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Cradle Robbers: When Older Women Take Younger Men: He comes over and introduces himself, and after exchanging a little about yourselves too you discover--yikes! He's younger than you are. More...

How Embarrassing is Online Dating?:Dating in the 21st century has become rather less problematic than even some 30 years ago. In the past your options were depressingly restricted. More...

Confessions of a Professional Matchmaker: "I spent my liearching for the perfect woman. I finally found her but alas, she was searching foe perfect man." Anonymous More...

Why Sports are a Sexual Substitue For Men: Sex sells. Nothing new there right? But have you noticed the sex in sports? More...

Does Penis Size Really Matter?: "Penises, like noses, come in all sizes... so do clitorises, and ears, and feet. If I said that no woman wants a big penis in her, I would be flooded with e-mail from women stating, "The bigger, the better." More...

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Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Pubic lice

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